Max Absell



Name Max Absell
Area Cornwall, parts of Devon, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent.
Phone 1 07810550647
Phone 2 07810550647
Professional Qualifications B.A. Hons Dip. SAC Level 4 NCFE , 3 NVQ L3
Professional Membership Full member of SHTC and AEPT
Fees £25 an hour plus one free half hour initial consultation session.
Specialities Crystal Healing and Chakra Clearing and Balancing. Astro-crystal psychic readings.
Hours Available

By arrangement.

About Me

Hi! I’m Max.
I live in Cornwall and am proud to claim Cornish descent! I learned a love of Spiritual matters and a firm grasp of the esoteric at my mother’s knee. I have always believed in our essence as Spiritual beings manifest in physical form and feel proud to be working in the angelic field of energy healing as 2012 begins.
For me, our earth’s beautiful and natural crystals with their proven bio-energy fields are extremely effective tools for energy healing or ‘energy sharing’ as I like to call it, and the results really do speak for themselves! It is a privilege to offer light and healing to all fellow human travellers on the enchanting but beleaguered planet of ours.
Crystal Healing can be described as a Health and Beauty treatment for the Soul, Mind, Emotions and Body.
This energy therapy taps into your own ability to self-heal, which is innate in us all. It works with the scientifically proven bio-energies of natural Crystals to effect gentle but powerful healing on all levels of your being.

With specialist knowledge of a wonderful range of beautiful Crystals, I will help find Crystals specific to your auric requirements and work with them and with you, to energize and balance all aspects of your auric being.
I do this using a variety of ways. I may use Crystal ‘nets’ or ‘grids’, including Chakra clearing and balancing or combine Crystals with Meditations. The process can be calm, re-vitalising and enjoyable. Soothing meditation and healing music will help you to relax. I work out of my treatment room in Wadebridge, Cornwall, but will also consider visiting clients within a reasonable distance from my home.


Formerly an astrologer and clairvoyant, my background is teaching and I have also worked in the field of advice and guidance.