Gee Don Agard



Name Gee Don Agard
Area Merseyside
Phone 1 07463926120

Professional Qualifications Weight Management and Consultancy S.A.C. Dip (Distinction) / NCFE Level 3 
Professional Membership AEPT. 
Fees £25 Chieldhood Obesity Prevention & Intervention Certificate
Specialities Weight Management Fat Burning Weight loss
Hours Available

9.00 AM-6.00 PM 

About Me

My Name is Gee I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. My career started as a weight training instructor at the local YMCA. I had trained people from every background from boxers,runners,footballers and Adults with a mental Age of 8 that was the most Humbling experience of my life and very rewarding. I worked for the world leading fitness company joe weiders fitness giving advice on training and sports supplements from there I worked for a family business called Taits Health stores for 12 happy years giving weight loss advice and bodybuilding advice. I also have been a Natural Bodybuilding Champion 70kg career came to an end after a car crash. Since then I have dedicated my life to helping to Transform people's lives from Obesity. I could go on but I think you get the point I know what I am talking about so please don't suffer in silence I am here to help.


Weight loss and Fat Burning body conditioning and running workshops on The Alimentary Canal and Digestives System